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Honey Share:


You will receive 10kg of honey at harvest time and farm-made beeswax candles (amount will be based on availability at the end of the season).

By investing in your honey up front you not only receive a 10% discount on our retail market price but you are also investing in our small-scale beekeeping operation and helping us grow our local business. We have a limited capacity for shares this season, so sign up early!

If you are interested in a share please email us and we will reply with a confirmation of sign-up. You can pay by cheque, e-transfer or cash after confirmation. 


Help the Hobbyist:

We understand the growing desire to keep your own bees, but we also can't stress enough how important it is to know what you're doing before you get bees! For those who have already taken the leap and are now stuck with a hive that they don't really know what to do with, or if you feel there is a problem with your hive this is for you! We will come and help with your hives, answer any questions you may have and help put you on the right track:

Consultation fee: $100 for up to 3 hives

Post-consultation: $55/hour

We want to see you succeed and your honeybees stay alive! We also want to minimize the pests and diseases that our honeybees face in our local area so we know that keeping our hobbyists knowledgeable is key to everyone's success.